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Blind mass consumption has become incredibly destructive to our planet and our minds. As a planet we consume too much, too often. Making materials more sustainable will help the climate situation, but the root of the problem is attitudes towards consumption.


Combining aspects of both, I reworked timeless second-hand clothing and covered them in screen printed patches. Bold controversial slogans to grab the attention ‘TRENDS MUST DIE’ and more complex satirical designs to explore it in greater depth, because the pope crouched beneath capitalist angels playing poker needs to be seen.


I took inspiration from the criminal connotations of stripes, suggesting that ignoring climate change is now a crime. The militant khaki camo was pulled from my interest in punk and reggae and the way they subvert and rework war uniforms into an individual statement of protest. Discover the truth of the fashion industry and educate yourself -






A short 12 page black/white zine that features imagery of the patches alongside explanations of the meaning behind them. Please read the captions and understand why I choose to make this collection, the message I want to convey and what you can do to help. 



A behind the scenes look into how this collection was designed. Featuring slogan design, the sketch to fabric process and line ups.