Butterfly Patch Black Zip Up Hoodie
  • Butterfly Patch Black Zip Up Hoodie

    - Black cotton jersey zip up hoodie, two front packets and hood drawstrings

    - Featuring hand screen printed Empty Brains blind mass consumption protest patches

    - Hand screen printed satirical protest scene back print

    - Model is 5'6 for reference

    - 100% Cotton and 100% salvaged materials- Sewn using recycled thread

    - All items are 1 of 1 and include neck tags and free stickers

    - Everything is made from second-hand garments which are then reworked into new age punk pieces for the rebels of today.

      Noel Kilt 2.jpg

      Noel (Forrest Flowers)

      Angel Brains Horns.jpg


      Grove Patch Hoodie 4.JPG

      @theyisgrove (Grove)