Empty Brains Shipping


We ship items once a week on Tuesday to reduce petrol emissions traveling to the post office. Order before 10am Tuesday to be posted with that weeks post. This allows us time process the order, package it and post it. This means if you need to make any changes to your order, this is normally still possible if you email us within the first 24 hours. We have multiple shipping options, for shipping within the UK, standard shipping will take 3-5 days (£3.50). You can also choose tracked/signed which will take a similar time span but can be slightly safer if you are afraid of the package being lost (£5.50). If you need your item to arrive by a certain date, please contact us and we can arrange first class shipping. 

International shipping only has the option of Tracked shipping due to the risk of international shipping. We charge a flat rate of £14.50 for this. When your order has been sent off we will send you a tracking number to help you keep track of the package if you want to. 

If you have any problems with a package arriving, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. We do not receive a notification of whether or not your package has arrived so If it is taking longer than you expected then it is important you contact us sooner rather than later so we can solve the issue quickly.


If you have had any issues with one of our products, please feel free to contact us to discuss the problem and how it can be solved. We do accept returns, due to the second hand nature of most our clothes we ask you to be open to imperfections in the garments and embrace them as a part of the individual character of the piece rather than a bad quality. We do however understand sometimes garments look or fit very different to how we imagine them online. We want you to love the piece you purchase and cherish it for a long time so if you are put off by a certain fit and would either like it changed or wish to return it we are open to discussing the possibility of this. To return a piece we will send you an address to post the item to and you will be refunded the full original price of the garment. (not including the postage cost)



We are also open to returning the garment for repairs, or even better getting in contact with us so we can help you learn to repair it in your own unique way. The beauty of repairs is that they are like a new chapter in life of the garment. You get an opportunity to consider how you wear it and how a repair could help adjust it to your unique use of the garment. To get an item repaired we will give you a return address to send the item to along with a small repair fee depending on how complex it is and whether or not you want extra embellishment or new patches added.